René Bastien


My name is René Bastien, the founder of Highlight Photo Tours.  I am a photographer. I started taking pictures as a kid; my first camera was an Instamatic 124 (you know, the one with the stacked flashcubes).  I always had a camera growing up and kept shooting as a hobby through adulthood. 

I got serious about photography with the purchase of my first digital camera (a Nikon D50).  My professional career as a card payment expert allowed me to travel the world (44 countries so far) and I was fortunate to capture some of its beauty in spectacular images. 

I have been lucky to see some of my work published, and to have some of my work held in private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe.   

I recently started a local photography touring company called Highlight Photo Tours.  I scout locations and set up organized photo treks.  Basically, you show up and I take care of everything!  The concept is to discover a region of Canada while learning more about photography, as a professional photographer accompanies the group.