Reviews from Past Attendees

From pro photographer Reed Hoffmann (

Quebec 2018

I’ve taught over a hundred workshops all over the world in the last twenty years, and this was the first one I’ve led for Highlight Photo Tours. Rene did an excellent job of planning so that we were never rushed and had a good variety of photo opportunities throughout the several days of the workshop. He was also a great host, having scouted the locations ahead of time and telling us the history of the areas we visited. I look forward to working with him on future Canadian photography adventures.


Nova Scotia 2019

This was the second trip I’ve led for Rene and his Highlight Photo Tours company. Just as before, he did a very good job both scouting and planning our workshop. He knew the times and distances between our planned shoots and managed the group well. The tour also had a good mix of landscape, historical locations and some cityscape opportunities, and took great advantage of the marine aspect of Nova Scotia. While photography, not food, is the goal of these trips, he managed to find some very nice local eateries to visit, and we were never disappointed with the food or accommodations. I can’t wait for our next adventure together, a Canadian Rockies workshop in late May/early June of 2020!

From past attendee Fergus Griffin

  “They say a picture is worth a thousand words!”


I recently took the opportunity of partaking in an instructional photo tour around various Ottawa locations during a recent evening. Rene patiently listened to what I was interested in learning more about, (aperture adjustment, shutter speeds, minimal light) and plotted an itinerary to take full advantage of Ottawa locations under the optimal conditions to achieve my learning goals. He was patient, accommodating to my level of photographic knowledge, very open to questions and offered constructive suggestions along the way!


While a picture is worth a thousand words, taking the right picture can draw a thousand questions and Rene did a great job in both answering those questions and increasing my confidence in my own photographic journey.


Thank you Rene

From past attendee Mel Cohen

I just returned from the Nova Scotia workshop. One of the best workshops I’ve been on. Rene’ and Reed are a great team to learn and travel with. I highly recommend Highlight Photo Tours.  5 Stars

From past attendee Andy Chow

Thanks for a great trip!  The accommodations were fantastic.  The schedule was full but not overly aggressive.  The sites you chose were really well lit for the times we were there and Reed was very helpful and thoughtful about feedback and help.  Most of all, it was a great time spent making new friends, seeing new places and becoming a better photographer.  You were a fantastic host!  I had a great time.  It was one of the best workshops I have attended.  I look forward to attending more with you in the future!