My 5 favorite photos of 2019

This year I decided to take a detailed look at the photos I took during 2019. The idea is to select the 5 best photos. It is a difficult exercise, that I was only able to pull off with the assistance of Marinka Ryan (I like her critiques...). Here they are, in no particular order, with a bit of back story on each. Enjoy! And a Happy New Year to all!!!

The US Navy's Blue Angels in action at Greenwood CFB in August, during AirShow Atlantic. I had dreamt of seeing the Blue Angels in action for a long time. They are amazing. This photo gives a good sense of how close they fly to each other.

This was shot at Fortissimo last July. The military band is from Latvia. What I like is that you can tell where the band is located from the reflection on the horn. Exposed for the light on the horn.

This is Halifax harbor at sunset. The light on the clouds was spectacular. It is a long exposure, with tripod and with my ND10 filter from Breakthrough Photography. This was shot during my Nova Scotia Photo Workshop with my good friend Reed Hoffmann.

I had the chance to travel to Bhutan in October with my good friend Reed Hoffmann. It is a beautiful country, but what struck me most was how friendly the people are. This is a grandfather with his grandson, peeling veggies. Shot during golden hour, hence the great light.

My favorite photo of 2019, again shot during Fortissimo. The is one of the Skyhawks (the Canadian Forces Parachute Demonstration Team) on his way down, with the candy cane lit up. There was not much wind at altitude, which let the smoke trail stay undisturbed (much more wind at ground level; 3 of the Skyhawks landed in a construction zone between Parliament Hill buildings, unhurt). I was just at the right place to capture it all. I have had many chances to shoot with the Skyhawks, and hopefully I will be able to shoot with them again in 2020.

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